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Nordic Day Trip Info (FAQ)

Please read through this page to see if your question is answered. If not, please email nordic@ntsc.ca

Nordic 2020-2021 Updates

The Nordic team has been steadily preparing for a solid year ahead. We are working with the bus companies and the resorts to ensure a positive experience.

We have had extensive conversations with the bus companies over the last month, and we now have a better idea of how a bus trip will look.

  1. Our buses have upgraded their air circulation systems to replace the air in the bus every 10 minutes fully. The new system features a hospital-grade anti-viral air filtering system, forcing air in one direction to reduce particle exposure.
  2. While provincial guidelines allow buses with this upgrade to commute with full occupancy, we anticipate reduced capacity (50%) on each bus for our members' safety and comfort.
  3. Buses have been equipped with sanitizer to use during the trip.
  4. Buses will be sanitized before and after every trip.
  5. Buses may have a more essential role on our day-trips as chalets may be closed or operating in a reduced capacity. Therefore, preparation, warm-up breaks, and lunch breaks might take place on the bus accordingly.
  6. Masks will be mandatory on buses for all members at all times.
  7. To avoid crossing air circulation paths, when on-boarding the bus as a group, the seats at the back of the bus will be occupied first. When off-boarding, those seats will leave last.
  8. The seats immediately behind the driver are not to be occupied.
  9. To avoid overcrowding, passengers will line up to drop off and pick up their bags, as luggage is handled by the driver in and out of the bus.
  10. Members will always have the choice to drive up to all trips and charters.

Nordic skiing isn't nearly as reliant on technology and gathering as Alpine skiing. The opportunity to completely escape into nature while enjoying physical exercise may sound more enticing to our members than ever. The crisp air and enveloping silence while gliding along at your own pace provides a mental break from the hectic city life.

Our instructors will be giving Classic or Skate Nordic skiing as always. They will have training on ways to conduct lessons safely under COVID reality. Guidelines that will apply to participants for all classes will be released closer to the season.

Prices have increased this year due to the decreased bus capacity and at the resorts. As soon as we know more, we will share these with you.

We hope you will join us for some seasonal fun and enjoy stress-free trips, new experiences, and safely socialize with us - sounds fantastic to us!

I’m new to this, what should I know?

We gather at each bus stop 10-15 minutes before the bus arrives and introduce ourselves to start off the day with good spirits. When the luxurious bus comes, we drop off our bags with the driver and register with the Bus Captain as we board the bus. Each happy skier chooses a seat that will be their own for the day.

Studies show that chit-chatting, getting to know the group, and making plans for the day are amongst our members' most popular activities on the bus.

When the bus arrives at the destination, the Bus Captain will distribute ski passes, renters will be guided on where to get their gear while the rest prepare for the day. Lessons usually start about 30 minutes after arrival; each group would meet its instructor at the location that was announced earlier.

We usually take a lunch or warm-up break after the class and then go off skiing with friends. On some trips, we plan Apres (which is fancy for fun group activities) for everyone as additional ice breakers and just team building activities over some treats.

When it’s time, we all gather back at the bus about 15 minutes before the day ends, do a headcount and, go on our merry way back home. Chillin’ like villains, the wicked may rest from an adrenaline-filled day and catch some zzz.

We ski, snowshoe and fatbike in various destinations around the GTA. Most of them are less than a 2-hour drive. Please visit our Nordic Day-Trips for an up-to-date schedule, pricing and other details

In the map below, you can see the bus stop locations in purple and regular destinations in blue:

For more information on our bus stop locations and parking options

For your convenience, following registration you will receive an email with a link that will show live status of the bus location.

Yes, as a member, you can choose the commute to the various destinations we go to and pay accordingly.

Temperatures and conditions vary all the time. The idea is to not get damp so you won’t get cold when you stop moving. To avoid sweating, dress for 10 degrees higher temperature. For example, if it is -2 C, then dress as if you were skiing in 8 C. You will warm up quickly while skiing, so wear thin layers that you can add or remove as you see fit. Ideally, these should be synthetic or wool as they wick away moisture. Other recommendations are:

  1. Leave the Gore-Tex shell at the chalet or on the bus. They don’t breathe nearly enough.
  2. Bring a change of socks and top for the ride home. You don’t want to wear damp clothes on the bus.
  3. Being a little cold before your start skiing is okay, being cold while you are skiing is not - dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing to your activity level.
  4. Have a small bag with you to adjust to the skiing conditions:
    1. Sunglasses or optical glasses with UV 400 protection, it’s important to protect your eyes
    2. Water bottle - ideally, thermally insulated to prevent freezing
    3. Phone - a camera, to keep touch with the Bus Captain, and for emergency
    4. Snack - some resorts have a fire pit for a quick stop
    5. Lip balm or ChapStick
    6. Enough room to take layers off as you warm-up
  5. If you have a ski bag or a second bag to leave at the chalet or on the bus, consider packing:
    1. Sunscreen
    2. Neckwarmer
    3. Extra fleece or vest
    4. Spare top
    5. Spare gloves or mitts
    6. Spare ski socks
    7. Ski wax appropriate to the conditions
    8. Any relevant skiing equipment you may have

When the bus arrives at the resort, the Bus Captain will go into the chalet to pick up the trail passes and bring them back to the bus for distribution. Please stay on the bus so we can be sure that everyone receives a trail pass. If you are snowshoeing or fatbiking, please let the bus captain know when your fee is collected.

If you are renting, let the bus captain know, and they will ensure to get you to the rental desk most efficiently when you get off the bus. The cost of rentals is not included in the day-trip cost: this is an additional cost paid for by the member. Please refer to each resort's website about details and the exact prices.&

Your Bus Captain will announce the bus departure time from the resort. We do a headcount before we leave, so please be seated about 10 minutes earlier. If you decide not to take the bus back or you are delayed for any reason, please be sure to tell your bus captain, so the Bus Captain is aware of the headcount change.

Do not fret, my friend. If you left any belongings on the bus, shoot us an email at nordic@ntsc.ca, and we will coordinate to return your items to you soon.

Please make sure to identify the item, its brand, model, shape, colour and anything else that would help identify it by.

Trip registration

Classes registration for all levels will be available at the time of booking with the choice of either Classic or Nordic. In case your skiing level is not documented, we will send a questionnaire to understand your skill level and assign you to the appropriate class and send an email or text with the details of the meet-up details leading up to departure from Toronto. The Bus Captain will make a couple of announcements and coordinate any last minute changes regarding your registration, the site we're heading towards and the day's schedule.

Participation does not require any previous experience, members are entitled to a classes at no additional charge on every day-trip when classes are offered. Guests and trial day-trip participants are entitled to a class based on availability.

Although classes are optional, we recommend taking them, as they are an excellent way to start enjoying the trails and sport.

Classes usually start within half an hour from the time the bus arrives at the resort.

As a Member, you can host guests to any day-trip using the trip sign-up. Paying the guest fee entitles your guest to a lesson according to availability. Each guest can take only two day-trips with the club per season.

Members who snowshoe or ride a fatbike can also bring a guest. Snowshoeing and fatbiking guest is $10.

The additional guest fees can be used as credit towards membership purchases for the season.

For sure! We will have several openings for Trial Members on our day-trips. Each Trial Member would have up to two trips that they can join on. For more information on how to join our trial day-trips, please shoot us an email at nordic@ntsc.ca.

Members are to pay for their day-trips online by leading Thursday at 4 PM in advance of the day-trip. If space on the bus allows, "show-ups" will be charged an additional $10 and will need to ensure their account is in good standing for their next day-trip.

If you registered on a trip and did not show-up without cancelling on time, the club will have processed a payment to the ski resorts and bus company. We will issue a credit once we cover those costs and according to our by-laws

Please allow two weeks for a refund to show on your account balance, for any questions, please email nordic@ntsc.ca.

  1. Log in to the website using the bar at the top of the screen
  2. Navigate to Nordic day-trips Sign-up page
  3. Click the trip you would like to join on
  4. On the trip’s page click the Sign-up button and follow the instructions
For more information, please click here
In that case, you can register for a waiting list. If we have enough additional registrations, we will open a second group for that day-trip and process your payment. Otherwise, we will issue a credit on the website towards your next day-trip or charter. A refund will be issued to your at the end of the season.

Sure, you can cancel for free up until the Thursday leading to the day-trip or the specified date of the charter trip. After that, the club will have processed a payment to the ski resorts and bus company. We will issue a credit once we cover those costs and according to our by-laws.

Please allow two weeks for a refund to show on your account balance, for any questions, please email nordic@ntsc.ca.

We make the decision on whether to run a trip or not on the Thursday leading to the trip. We are doing our best to make the skiing season worry-free for you, the only thing you need to do is register. That decision is driven by the following:
  1. Insufficient demand for the trip: Please register on-time and early so that we can mitigate this risk as best as possible. Cancellations are free up until that Thursday.
  2. Weather and conditions: The Nordic team monitors skiing conditions at the resorts and the weather daily. At times, we might change locations if we find that it would be a favourable move for our members’ experience.
  3. Weather unsafe to commute: Although buses are safer than most cars, there might be occasions that the conditions are great for skiing but not so for commuting. We do not take risks in case of severe weather alerts such as freezing rain, icy roads or stormy conditions on the way to the resort
  4. Pandemic related reasons: Due to government or industry policy, the Board of Directors will decide whether to cancel the season and issue a membership refund according to the club policy.
At the event NTSC would need to cancel a trip, we will issue a full refund on your account.
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