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Beginner Skier or Snowboarder

Are You a Beginner Skier or Snowboarder? Here's a way to save some money.

As a relatively new skier (Step 1 & 2) or beginner snowboarder, you will not need access to the entire mountain as you will stay in the learning areas. Some of the resorts have a Beginner Lift ticket that gives you access to their beginner lifts only at a lower cost then purchasing a ticket which gives you access to the full hill.

To do this you need to select "BUS ONLY" from NTSC. Once at the hill, you will be able to immediately go directly to the hill to purchase the beginner ticket and start getting ready. If you also need rental gear, you also have another option.

Different Options:

"I have my own gear"  You should opt out of the NTSC lift ticket, and instead purchase a Beginner Lift ticket from the hill

"I don't have my own gear"   You should opt out of the NTSC lift ticket and instead purchase a Beginner Package from the hill. This includes both lift ticket and rentals.

*The hills may have updated their offerings since this was posted, please ensure you check the hills website to determine what packages are provided.

Note: Once you are promoted to Step 3 Skiing or Intermediate Snowboard, you will need a full lift pass to access Blue Terrain.


Members are entitled to a lesson at no charge on every day trip.

For beginners, we have created a "Full Day Beginner Lesson" where you will have a smaller lesson group and an instructor will be with you all day long!

This will occur on Saturday's and Sunday's only for the first six weeks of the season starting on January 4th, 2020.

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