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Snow School 2020-2021 Updates:

We are pleased to share that COVID will not stand in the way of learning and developing your skills this winter. We have been reviewing our practices to make the right changes to keep you, our instructors and the skiing public safe. We believe that with everyone’s cooperation we can enjoy the winter out on the slopes improving your skiing and snowboarding skills.

To manage risks, we will continue to make changes and add new practices as more information becomes available to us from health officials, ski resort partners and instructor affiliations. For instance, we will keep class sizes smaller for your comfort and safety. Smaller class sizes puts pressure on our Snow School budget.

It is currently projected that the budget will allow us to offer lessons on Day Trips until early-March. Since the club will not be travelling to the United States to ski Holiday Valley, we will have lessons on that Saturday but will pause lessons on busy Family Day Weekend to make sure that when we are in lessons it is spent sliding on snow not standing in lift lines. We will resume the weekend following Family Day.

You will notice some changes to our regular practices such as masks being mandatory for students and instructors during the entire lesson. We will pause on practices like signing Lesson Books and eating lunch together and hold off on clinics such as racing that increase the risk of injury and potential hospital visits. We will also ensure our Beginner Lessons are safe with no physical contact between teacher and student. Training for our instructor team will take place to bring them up to speed on these practices and help them offer high quality instruction with the new practices.

More details will be shared as we get closer to our first lessons on Saturday, January 2. When we have a detailed plan we will invite you to an online information session to hear how we can all contribute to making our learning environment safe and productive.

NTSC's team of highly qualified instructors ready are ready to improve your skiing and riding.  With over 66 CSIA certified alpine ski instructors, 19 CASI certified snowboard instructors and 11 CANSI nordic instructors there’s a lesson for every skill level.

Our Snow Schools


Led by Technical Director, Jeff Sinclair - CSIA Level 4 and Level 4 Course Conductor, NTSC ski instructors are some of the most trained ski pros in the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA).  The team participates in regular training to keep up to date with latest technical standards, class management and guest experience knowledge.


[Group Photo of Snowboard instructors]The NTSC snowboard instructor team is certified by the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) and is led by Technical Director, Jason Hewitt- CASI Level 3, CASI Park Instructor and CASI Carving Instructor.


[Group Photo of Nordic instructors]>

Led by Nordic Technical Director Chris Clarke. Whether it's your first time out, you are a seasoned cross-country skier, or you are somewhere in between, consider taking a lesson with our team of Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI).  They will help you improve your technique, face hills with confidence and reduce your risk of injuries.

We offer Classic and Skate Cross-country skiing.

About our lessons

Taking a lesson

Group lessons are available to registered members on most day trips throughout the season, at no additional charge. We also offer special ski clinics and snowboard clinics, at the intermediate and advanced levels.

Whether you're on the bus or driving up, you must register for your lesson online before the trip deadline. On the day of your lesson, show up 10 minutes before the lesson starts and you will be grouped with others of the same ability level.

Beginner downhill skiers

Afternoon lessons are provided to members up to and including Step 3.  After your morning lesson, let your instructor know that you will return after lunch for more guided mileage with our team.  

Lessons for Guests

Guests of members participating in a day trip and travelling via NTSC luxury coach are invited to join a morning group lesson, at no additional charge.

Members must register their guests online, and the guest will be required to sign a waiver on the bus.  As per the guest policy, a guest can take up to 2 lessons with the club in a season.

Guests who drive to the resort are not eligible for lessons.


Our ski school groups members with others of similar ability and skills to make your lesson productive, fun, and work on similar goals.  

At the end of your lesson, your instructor will record feedback in your progress book, to track your development, and provide goals and strategies for improvement. 

What's my group?

Your ability will be assessed in a brief interview when you gather for lessons and possibly a short ski/riding assessment by an instructor.  

When you are ready for the next group, your instructor will make the recommendation and inform you of next steps.

Alpine Snow School

Contact Allison Sharpe, Director Snow School at snowschool@ntsc.ca 

Lesson groups

Lessons are grouped based on the following categories

  1. Beginner/First Time on Skis: I can stand in my boots and carry my skis. 
  2. I can make turns in the learning/magic carpet area and manage my speed.
  3. I can link turns and manage my speed when I am focused; on Green Terrain.  I can load and unload a chair lift with confidence without falling.
  4. I can link turns at will, control my speed and stop on demand; on Green Terrain.

  5. I can link turns at will, control my speed and stop on demand; on Blue Terrain.
  6. I can ski parallel most of the turn on Blue Terrain, but I lack consistency managing my turn shape and/or speed.  I use a pole plant some of the time.
  7. I can keep my skis parallel through the entire turn in long and medium turn shapes with a pole plant while managing my speed; on Blue Terrain.
  8. I can make rhythmical, parallel turns with a pole plant in shorter and longer radius turn shapes on Blue and some Black Terrain.  I demonstrate natural alignment and lead my turn with my lower body most of the time.  I am able to keep the skis on edge but lack consistency as conditions become more challenging.

  9. I can make rhythmical, parallel turns with a pole plant in shorter and longer radius turn shapes on Black Terrain.  I demonstrate natural alignment and lead my turn with my lower body most of the time.  I can link carved turns on Green Terrain.  I can adapt my skills to manage changes in speed, terrain and conditions.  I still lack consistency when trying to manage bumpy terrain.
  10. I can link carved turns on Blue Terrain and carry some energy from one turn to the next.  I can balance on my edges above the fall line on Blue Terrain in all turn shapes and speeds.  I lead turns with my lower body and balance well on my outside ski.  I can regain balance, manage speed and line choice in bumpy terrain.<
  11. I can make dynamic parallel turns, with rhythm, speed & control on advanced & expert varied terrain.   I am working towards the CSIA Level 4 certification standards.

Snowboard Snow school

Contact Jason Hewitt, Technical Director, Snowboarding at boardschool@ntsc.ca

Lesson Groups

Our ski school uses five levels to determine ability of students.

  1. Never-ever
    • First time rider, no experience on a snowboard but keen to try
  2. Beginner
    • Making isolated and linked turns on beginner (green) terrain
  3. Novice
    • Turning on beginner (green) terrain with greater speed
    • Starting to ride on intermediate (blue) terrain
  4. Intermediate
    • Can ride most intermediate (blue) terrain with moderate speed
    • Can ride conservatively down some Ontario black diamond runs
  5. Advanced
    • Comfortable on groomed advanced (black) terrain at moderate speed
    • Exploring and adaptation to varied terrain such as bumps and in different conditions


    If you are interested to experience what it is like to be an instructor or if would like to train for certification with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) - this is the program for you. As a snowboard student of advanced ability, you will shadow our NTSC instructors during lessons and get hands-on experience that will help you train for CASI 1 certification. NTSC has a number of successful graduates of this program who successfully passed the CASI 1 course, and are currently teaching with the club!!!

    First check out the CASI website for more information about CASI 1 course requirements, course dates/locations, and the CASI 1 Course Guide and then contact the NTSC Snowboard School (boardschool@ntsc.ca) , or talk with one of our snowboard instructors for more details about this NTSC program.


During the season snowboard clinics are open to members. When booking your day trip online, please select the clinics you would like to sign up for. Please note that helmets are mandatory for all snowboard clinics.

See the descriptions of these special Snowboard Clinics or click on a clinic

Intro to Snowboard Park & Half Pipe Clinic

Using a safe and progressive approach, this clinic is for snowboarders who are new to entering the Snowboard Park or Half Pipe. During this clinic, you will learn the commonly accepted park etiquette and rules, how to inspect and

 identify the features in the park (eg. half pipe, jumps, rails, boxes, spines, etc), where to stop, how to 'drop in', basic principles for hitting features, and the proper speed to hit the features.

Freeride Jam Session

This clinic is for intermediate to advanced shredders looking to get lots of mileage on the snow and make the maximum use of terrain available at the resort while still getting a few valuable tips to improve your freeride skills from your instructor.

Think “less talk and more rock”.

Moguls Clinic

This clinic is for snowboarders who would like to shred the moguls. We will cater to those who have never entered a mogul field before, and to those who are seasoned veterans. In this clinic we will explore skills like how to "double up", "gap" a mogul, ride using the corridor approach, ride the peaks, ride the valleys, or ride using the tornado approach.

Introduction to jumps and the four types of Air Clinic: Coast, Pop, Ollie, and Nollie

In this clinic we will use a progressive approach and learn how to drop in and get some air off of moguls and snowboard park jumps. We'll catch some air using the four creators of lift: Coast, Pop, Ollie, and Nollie.

Half pipe Clinic

In this clinic, we will use a progressive approach to learn the skills needed to ride the Half-Pipe. Learn the different parts of the half-pipe, how to take a proper inspection run, how to 'drop in', how to ride the walls and how to catch some air above the coping.

Snowboard Race Clinic

In this clinic we will teach snowboarders of various ability levels to race downhill through a set of race gates. We will teach you how to improve your time by taking the best 'line'. Come out for our annual 'Race Day' competition vs. High Park Ski Club. Medals will be awarded for ALL ABILITY levels in the male and female categories.

Jumps and the four basic snowboard grabs

In this clinic you'll learn to amp up your snowboard park style by stomping the four basic snowboard grabs: Indy grab, Mute Grab, Melon Grab and Stalefish Grab

Nordic Snow School

   Contact Chris Clarke, Chair of Nordic Ski School at cclarkecsd@gmail.com

Lesson groups

Cross-country skiing is divided into two types - Classic and Skate. Lessons are available for both.


This is the traditional method of skiing performed on either groomed tracks or other terrain.  Classic skiing is easily adjustable to any pace or fitness level.  If you would like to try cross country classic is the best place to start.  NTSC skis at a wide variety of cross country locations that all have classic trails and provide rentals.  It costs between $20 and $30 a day for cross country ski rentals.


The newer style of performance Nordic skiing requires machine groomed surfaces and is best done with specifically made ski equipment.  Skate skiing is aerobic and fast.  If you are in good shape and/or want to go fast then you should consider this fun alternative to classic.  Just about everywhere the ski club goes has skate skiing trails.  Rentals are a little more expensive than classic equipment.


If you are new to cross country skiing or have not skied in a long time then NTSC recommends that you take one of the beginner series for either Classic or Skate skiing.  The series ensure that you have the same instructor for three lessons giving you both a chance to develop your skills and set goals for future improvement.


If you are already a strong skier and you are interested in advancing your skills, consider becoming an instructor!  NTSC assists our instructors to qualify and maintain CANSI certification and provides ongoing skill improvement opportunities. Instructors are paid and receive complimentary bus and trail fees on the days they teach. Please speak with one of our instructors for more information.

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